12 Weird Things For Sale On Craigslist

You really never know what people will try to sell on Craigslist. We scoured every state on Craigslist and found a dozen of the weirdest, most insane items ever listed for sale.
Just wait until you see what’s at #6!

12. Baby Zombie Hand


“Name: Melvin the baby zombie hand
Likes: women’s panties (preferably with words), holding jewelry and driving Ford Mustangs
Eats: peanuts and human flesh

FREE family friendly fun!!!”

11. Selling His Little Brother


“I’m selling my 13 year old little annoying ass fuck of a little brother. If you feed him he will clean and be well behaved.

If you don’t he will cry and whine all day. I’m down for trades asking $50 obo.”

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