5 Ways Mother Teresa Is Totally Overrated

With Mother Teresa officially set to become a saint Sept. 4, I’m gonna have to be “that guy” and present you with a few examples of why Teresa actually a pretty flawed woman who doesn’t deserve the reputation she’s gained.

Dr. Aroup Chatterjee’s recent profile in the NY Times, A Critic’s Lonely Quest: Revealing the Whole Truth About Mother Teresa, served as inspiration for this list (so blame him, not me).

1. She was close-minded

Mother Teresa pro-life
Source: patriotpost.us/posts/32637

To be fair, most of Teresa’s views were pretty standard for a 1950s-era Catholic. She was avidly against abortion. Also not a fan of birth control, clean needles or any form of actual medicine but I’ll get to that later.

Should a woman with a totally non-liberal and backward set of beliefs be currently considered the best role model of all time even by progressive millenials? I think not. Most of us would rather see Malala or Angelina Jolie canonized.

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