Aaron Carter Says He Was Arrested Because He’s Famous

Source: TMZ.com

Can’t blame you for not remembering Aaron Carter.

Little blond twerp, x-list brother of d-list Backstreet Boy Nick Carter had a pretty unsuccessful career but still somehow has enough fans to tour.

Recently, Carter and his girlfriend were arrested with a small amount of marijuana and a pipe (he claims they weren’t even in his car at the time of the DUI charge). The pop singer says police targeted him because he’s “a celebrity.”

How likely is it that the police even knew who he was when they first pulled him over? Five, maybe 2% chance?

I don’t feel safe with cops who know who, what or where Aaron Carter is.

Instead of doing their jobs, they’re researching useless late 90s boy band trivia? Release all the officers involved to below minimum wage-earning security guard jobs at Aaron Carter concerts immediately and the streets will be safe again. The people demand justice.

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