Aaron Carter Wants To Date Adam Lambert

Source: twitter.com/aaroncarter / instagram.com/adamlambert

After a busy few months explaining his DUI arrest, his weight and his family issues, Aaron Carter has announced that he’s bisexual.

Carter recently tweeted that he has found both men and women attractive for a very long time. He also hinted that his recent breakup had to do with his girlfriend not understanding his sexuality.

And what kind of men and women are Aaron’s “type”?

Chloë Grace Moretz for one, who he offered to take to dinner after she admitted she had a crush on him when she was four.

His first pick when TMZ asked which male celebrity would be his first choice to ask out was Tom Hardy, a choice Carter revised to Adam Lambert after remembering Hardy was “not available.”

Source: ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com
“He’s beautiful,” Carter said, later admitting that he used to warm up to Lambert’s songs. “He had something really nice to say about me and I’ve actually always loved his music.”

Your move, Adam.

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