Amanda Seyfried’s Leaked Nudes Are Weird To Say The Least


The latest celebrity nude leak, dubbed “The Fappening 2.0,” involves two high profile women and a bunch of nobodies. One is Emma Watson, the other is Amanda Seyfried.

The Mamma Mia, Mean Girls and Jennifer’s Body actress has always had a strange sense of humor. A sense of humor that is displayed in her hacked photos. And yes, I looked at the photos. Confirmation that I’m more curious than I am respectful. Respecting the wishes of women I’ve never met and resisting the urge to look at “private” photos that are now extremely public isn’t easy. Translation: I’m a seedy asshole.

Seyfried and her ex-boyfriend Justin Long are both featured.

One shot is of her in an awards dress behind-the-scenes smiling like she would on the red carpet except her boobs are totally out.
Others are of her topless in the shower with her boyfriend’s underwear on her head.
Another is of her cooking with no pants on.

There are some that could be considered more sexual. Like the one of her and Long’s pale bodies smashed together like two fish fillets, which is only sexual because you can’t see their faces. If you could, they’d probably both be crossing their eyes and sticking out their tongues.

Disappointing images of Long and Seyfried engaged in sex acts exist as well. Seyfried is taking legal action against the website Celebrity Jihad for sharing them.

From CraveOnline:

I feel sorry for Justin Long. to be honest. Because I just found out his last name is ironic.

Other victims of the leak include Sami Miro (Zac Efron’s ex) and Paige (a WWE wrestler).

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