'Black Panther' Triggered Tsunami, says First Black Lesbian Superhero Actress


Nafessa Williams┬á´╗┐– who plays the first black lesbian superhero on the TV show “Black Lightning” — says get ready for more black superheroes because an enormous wave’s ready to make a powerful splash … thanks to “Black Panther.”┬á

We got Nafessa at LAX Monday (thanks for the elevator ride!) and wanted to know if she thinks if the incredible success of “Black Panther” will boost the entire genre. Remember … in just 4 weeks, ‘BP’ grossed more than $1 BILLION at the box office.

Nafessa┬á— who, on the show, transforms into her alter ego, Thunder — is adamant her show is part of the wave, but has no doubt “Black Panther” will trigger a seismic shift in TV and movies for years to come.┬á

Source TMZ

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