Boozy Advent Calendars: The Perfect Excuse To Stay Drunk In Dec.

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This year in creative gift-giving, several companies are capitalizing on Christmas-themed alcoholism. On top of being able to instantaneously order your own beer and wine online via Amazon, you can purchase advent calendars filled with the perfect liquid distraction from your dramatic family, codependent children or boring ass job.

My social media feed was semi blown-up by friends sharing news of an adult advent calendar by Aldi, a UK company offering “24 days worth of wine” in irresistibly adorable Christmas-themed packaging. While Aldi’s particular wine advent calendar isn’t available for American customers, we yankees do have other options.

Wine lovers can get their hands on a similar option with 12 vials of wine by Vinebox and, for those with a desire for something a little stronger, Master of Malt offers a whiskey advent calendar. At $168, it’s a little pricey but totally worth it for that special drunk in your life.

And hey, that special drunk in your life doesn’t even have to be a friend. It could be you. You say self-care, I say self-medicate.

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