Bride Solves Problem Of Ill-Fitting Wedding Dress By Going Naked


Everyone’s idea of a dream wedding is a little different.

Take 31-year-old Monique Penberthy, who struggled to find a gown in her size and said, “Screw it, I’d rather wear nothing.”

Last fall, Penberthy fell ill to a flesh-eating virus and was in a coma on the original date her wedding was supposed to occur.

After spending several months in the hospital—suffering severe hair loss and undergoing surgery to remove some of her skin—the custom-fitted dress she ordered was cancelled.

Instead off struggling to find a different gown in her size, she opted for a veil, a rose garland, a necklace and the glorious bare skin she was born in.

Not one of the 700 guests were naked, because obviously you don’t want your friends wearing the same thing as you on your big day.

nude wedding

Monique and her husband Rowan were the shining nudist stars of the event, which took place earlier this year in New South Wales.

“It was beautiful, a dream come true,” the beaming bare ass bride told the Daily Mirror.

Weather in that part of the world in winter usually averages around 71 degrees, in case you were wondering if shrinkage or nip-hardening was an issue.

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