You Can Beat Your Wife Once a Year in Russia and Get Away With it

russia domestic violence meme

Russia may no longer be a considered a communist country by some but they’re still taking major steps backwards when it comes to human rights.

Last Wednesday, the parliament voted to decriminalize certain forms of domestic violence. The new law makes it so “battery within the family” that doesn’t result in a hospital visit is not punishable as long as it only happens once a year.

Essentially, you can beat your wife and/or husband and/or child as long as you do it gently.

Black eyes: yes. Internal bleeding: no. Bruises and scratches on the face and body: yes. Broken bones: no.

Go Russia! You’re giving people (mostly men but some women as well) a beat-a-bitch-down coupon, valid from January to December, and then they get a brand new one. Like a tax return. And it happening once a year makes it that much more special. Something to look forward to. Like Christmas for beaters!


Only for 2013, 9100 women died from criminal offenses, 11,300 received grievous bodily harm. Based on the official statistics in 2013 46 thousand of under ages became victims of violent offenses. Around 2 thousand died, 3.6 thousand sustained bodily injuries. Half of these crimes were committed at home.

But let’s be honest, when it comes to preventing domestic violence, America isn’t much better. We may technically have laws against it but the police won’t do anything until there’s significant proof of battery. Even then, the abusers often get depressingly short jail sentences.

Russia’s message is clear. You can beat your wife but only a little.

I’d still rather live in Russian and experience that once-a-year household Purge than move to India or certain Middle Eastern countries where it seems like gang rape and murder are about at serious as jaywalking or speeding in a school zone.


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