Cardi B Is Trash, We Just Don’t Know What Kind


Remember the first time you saw Lady Gaga and had that initial “What am I looking at?” moment, followed by a spiraling chain of corresponding questions such as “Is she talented or just distracting me from her lack of talent with disco balls and angular wigs?”

People who listen to rap and top 40 are having the same conundrum with Cardi B, the “artist” responsible for “Bodak Yellow.” Because I’d never heard of Cardi until now, I asked a friend with an infinitely more expansive knowledge of hip-hop to explain her appeal.

Me: What’s so great about Cardi B?
Him: Cardi’s great. She’s like Rihanna, Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj mixed together.
Me: When did you first hear about her?
Him: About two years ago.
Me: Why do you like her?
Him: She’s ratchet on Instagram.

Old but good Video !!

A post shared by Cardi B Official IG (@iamcardib) on

After watching the “Bodak Yellow” video more times than I would have liked (twice), his explanation of her appeal holds up. Card is wonderfully ratchet. A living, breathing Vine who makes Amber Rose look like Princess Diana. I’ve gone from wondering if she’s trash tier Nicki Minaj (like, Nicki in a trash bag) or an actual bag of garbage.

If Cardi B is garbage, is she fun garbage or regular garbage? A dumpster we’d dive in, or one we’d avoid because we know it’s full of diapers and cat litter?

We won’t know until she’s released more albums, handled a few feuds and had a fling with Drake.

My friend is crazy for comparing her to Rihanna. More like lazy Marlon Wayans only took off half his White Chicks makeup.

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