This Chris Cornell Anecdote On Suicide Will Hurt Your Heart


Temple of the Dog, Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell’s heartbreaking thoughts on suicide were brought up today after his own death by hanging.

In 2007, Cornell had this to say about Kurt Cobain:

It’s a shame for his daughter, for one, and it’s a shame for fans. But really it’s a personal thing, and it was a drag. I wish it didn’t happen. And I also think like if he had just kind of hung on for six months, six months later he could’ve been a completely different guy.

If only Chris, who has two young daughters, had taken his own advice.

After years of struggling with addiction (Chris said in 2012 that drugs made him “not want to care anymore”), Cornell took his own life May 17  after a concert in Detroit.

Both Cornell’s wife and rep said his death was a surprise.

Here’s one more quote from the grunge legend about David Bowie that feels particularly fitting:

You don’t know how important someone is to you as an artistic influence until suddenly they’re gone. I’ve certainly been having that experience. It’s kind of equal parts sad and celebratory to think, “Awesome. What an amazing career he had and what an amazing legacy he’s left for everybody.”


And if you weren’t sad enough, I’ll leave you with a 1991 jam by Temple of the Dog, written about Cornell’s roommate who had overdosed on heroin a year prior.

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