‘Cyborg’ Punched A Fellow Fighter For Comparing Her To Jigsaw

Source: twitter.com/AngelaMagana1

Probably not a good idea to antagonize one of the best female MMA fighters in the world. Especially when said antagonization entails comparing a photo of her at a children’s hospital to a nightmarish puppet from a horror franchise.

Angela Magana had no f*cks to give when it came to posting a “who wore it better” poll on Twitter involving Cris “Cyborg” Justino. A poll that undoubtedly led to her getting attacked by Cyborg at a retreat for some of the UFC’s biggest stars.

Quick MMA history lesson: Cyborg is a featherweight competitor who has won 17 of her fights and only lost one, back in 2005. In 2012, she was popped for steroids, something Magana was sure to point out—along with calling her a man—after getting bitchslapped by Cyborg.

In a clip of the confrontation, Cyborg is heard saying “f*ck you” in her distinctly Brazilian accent while Magana yells “I can talk about whoever the f*ck I want.”

Angela is currently 11-8 and couldn’t beat a clean Cris Cyborg after injecting all the steroids in the world. NOT that it’s okay to assault fighters outside of the ring but what the f*ck. Clearly she sucks at her profession and has nothing better to do than call out the appearance of a significantly better fighter. NOT that they’d ever be given an opportunity to officially fight in the first place (since Magana is 115 pounds soaking wet).

If Cyborg is charged for the incident, it’s unlikely to hinder her career considering her career is already constantly hindered by the fact that everyone is terrified of fighting her.


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