‘Dukes Of Hazzard’ Star Fingered A Woman’s Crack Without Asking

Source: bostonglobe.com

If you’ve heard of The Dukes of Hazzard, Cybil or Longmire then you’re at least semi familiar with Tom Wopat. Younger folks might recognize him from Django Unchained. Recently, the star and guest star of those shows and that movie was arrested for the non-consensual touching of women.

Grabby hands Wopat reportedly cupped a woman’s butt and slipped his fingers between her cheeks. Another victim says Tom accidentally peeled sunburned skin from her arm during a groping incident gone wrong (or more wrong than already-wrong groping incidents).

Wopat is breaking actual laws as well as all the basic rules of flirting with women. Such as:

1. Once you know you’re on that level (which he wasn’t), maybe don’t rip or touch her obviously inflamed skin.

Source: pinterest.com

2. Wait until you’re actually in bed with a woman to digitally stimulate her backdoor.

All three groping sessions (a third woman said he “pulled her into him” after wrapping his arm around her waist) occurred during rehearsals of a musical in Massachusetts.

Police reports indicate that Wopat enjoys crack in butt and drug form. Cocaine was found in his car as well as his pockets.

Wopat denies any wrongdoing and pled not guilty to possession and felony indecent assault.

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