Mario Is Freeing The Nipple


After years of secrecy, Mario is finally topless!

In his brand new adventure Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo’s most famous leading man is shattering society’s views on male archetypes one nipple at a time.

“Mario’s nipples are a sign of a more progressive Nintendo,” GameSpot producer Edmond Tran wrote on Twitter. “Remember when he used to go to the beach in fucking overalls? What a prude.”

Maybe now Peach will stop pretending to get kidnapped by Bowser—a creature with the confidence to enter combat pantless and shirtless—and settle down with her true love?

Polygon writer Julia Alexander argues that Nintendo’s decision to put Mario’s body on display was rooted in relatability.

Giving Mario nipples wasn’t the result of a big conversation; nipples are just something that humans have and Nintendo wants you to remember that Mario is human.

Apparently Nintendo felt Link from Zelda was discernibly human enough without nipples?


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