Evicted Tenant Rigs Apartment With Butter Knife Booby Trap

Source: tactical-life.com / americanrestaurantsupply.com

A Canadian police officer and landlord narrowly avoided getting hit by knives when they entered an apartment rigged with a hilariously unsophisticated booby trap.

After forcing the door open, three dull butter knives wooshed into the officer’s hand and chest causing little to no harm.

Ontario police clarified that they are trained to deal with exactly this type of non-situation.

“When we open the door, we back out, to be ready on what’s on the other side of the door. That’s why the knife didn’t hit him in the face,” Police Const. Tanya Calvert told CBC. “When it happened, it was a good reminder for all of us to always be aware and never get complacent.”

Note to criminals: when constructing a trap designed to deter entry, make sure the items you include in the trap are more than a minor annoyance.
Source: GIPHY

Sprinkling Legos on the floor (or maybe a ball and some jacks?) would have been more effective.

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