F*ckboys Ask Halsey Why Her Nipples Are Brown

Source: dailystar.co.uk

In the upcoming issue of Playboy, Halsey talks about “racial blips” and what it’s like to constantly be mistaken for a white girl.

“One of my big jokes a long time ago was, I look white, but I still have white boys in my life asking me why my nipples are brown.”

Well, f*ckboys, not that you should ever ask a woman why her nipples are brown but Halsey is half-black.

Her nipples are brown because they damn well just…are.

Sometimes, in moments of fear I think about my father. I think about him, younger than I am right now, holding a six pound baby in his hands and realizing his entire life was about to change. I think about how relentlessly he worked my entire life to make sure I always had everything I wanted. All of the interests he nurtured by working extra hours to buy art sets and violins and sewing kits. How I never knew we had ever struggled because he protected me from ever feeling afraid. I think about the rented apartments for 20 years. Every move we made and new elementary school I started so he could get a better job. I think about how he never objected to wanting to paint my walls pink or purple or blue even though he knew it meant the landlord would keep the security deposit. I think about all of the things he sacrificed and the opportunities he missed out on. I think about the hell I put him through, trying to figure out who I was. When I am scared, I think about my father. Because he brought me into this world without a single clue and somehow he managed to figure it all out. Happy Father's Day dad, I love you.

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And also they probably came from her dad.

Halsey doesn’t have time for nipple-color-obsessed f*ckboys anyway. She describes herself as “smiling and happy” and less anxious since the release of her sophomore album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. Having a platinum record will do that to you.

“Until the next thing comes along that fucks me up so I can write the third album,” she told the mag.

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