Jogger Relentlessly Poops In Front Of The Same House Every 7 Days


A Colorado Springs woman has been dubbed the “Mad Pooper” and the “Runner With The Runs” for her purposeful, repeated dookie-dropping outside a family’s home.

According to homeowner Cathy Budde, the doodie drive-by (/fecal flyby) has occurred every week for the past month and a half and the motive is still unclear.

“I put a sign on the wall that’s like ‘please, I’m begging you, please stop,’ Budde said. ”She ran by it like 15 times yesterday, and she still pooped.”

Some are labeling it an act of revenge, while others believe much less sinister forces are at work. (I like to imagine she’s caught in a Groundhog Day style time loop.)

Fellow joggers chalk it up to perfectly timed stomach cramps (even though there’s a bathroom a few blocks away) while another reader jokingly suggested this was a case of someone who’s afraid to poop in their home.

Via the never-dull Deadspin comment section:

“This is what’s happening. Her husband works from home. I guarantee this woman doesn’t fart in the presence of her husband. Her husband has put her on this pedestal to where she feels she can’t shit in her own house. Instead, she goes out for a ‘jog.'”

Budde has been contacted by locals who say they’ve spotted the woman relieving herself outside of a Walgreens and in multiple backyards around Colorado Springs.

If caught, Ms. Pooper will face public defecation and indecent exposure charges.


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