Lady Gaga’s Eyes Are The Breakout Stars Of The ‘Perfect Illusion’ Video

lady gaga eyeroll

Sometime since playing an immortal bloodsucker on American Horror Story and breaking up with Taylor Kinney, Lady Gaga has acquired a new skill.

On the surface, the new “Perfect Illusion” video is just Gaga spasming through the dust yelling “It wasn’t love” over and over again. Look a little closer and you’ll see that she’s exorcising herself, literally transcending space and time. Exerting so much energy in 100-degree weather that the whites of her eyes are glowing like two LED-backlit hard boiled eggs during an eclipse.

Gaga’s eye-rolling in “Perfect Illusion” is so epic you’ll get a sympathy headache one minute in. It’s like a disco remake of The Exorcist with Gaga as a dancing Linda Blair on the set of Mad Max. And they’re not just rolling, they’re weaving in and out of her skull and saying hey to various parts of her brain before popping back into place.

Gaga also does some pretty great foot-stomping and dust-kicking in the video.

The insane SIX demonic eye rolls (yes I counted them) in “Perfect Illusion” may even be memorable enough to distract us from the fact that Gaga has zero emotional attachment to the lyrics. (Right before the song came out, Gaga clarified that her and her ex Chicago Fire boytoy were still very much in love. So there’s no way it’s about anything she’s currently going through.)

Lady Gaga eye roll gif perfect illusion eye rolling
Source: GIPHY

Even if you don’t enjoy Lady Gaga’s music, her flair for drama remains unrivaled in the pop world.

Fast forward to 2:25 for the best eye roll with lesser (but still great) rolls occurring at 1:11, 1:14, 1:33, 2:44 and 2:50.

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