Man Cuts Roommate…Over An Egg


Raise your hand if you’ve ever argued with your roommate. Now keep it raised if you went to jail for stabbing your roomie because of an egg. Hopefully only Sisay Wendahun, 43, from Las Vegas can relate to this last scenario.

At around 2 a.m, the roommate reportedly came home to Wendahun and his father making eggs. When asked if he wanted some, the roommate said no but then ate the eggs anyway. Wendahun—who apparently takes his eggs very seriously and didn’t appreciate his roommate eating the eggs after he’d declined—attempted to stab his roommate in the stomach but got him in the hand instead as he tried to block the motion.

The police report failed to mention what kind of eggs he committed attempted murder for.

That’s the difference between me and a crazy person. I wouldn’t hesitate to stab someone over a slice of pizza or maybe some tortilla chips but an egg? That’s some Amanda Bynes level shit. It’s not worth the jail time. You have to weigh the deliciousness and complexity of the food item with the severity of the assault and accompanying punishment.

Cheesecake = death penalty

Slice of cheese = walk away

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