Man Gives Mom Mailbox Shaped Like A Giant Dick

A nice young man in Englewood, Florida (on the west coast, south of Sarasota), decided to give his mom a present.

“I told her that I had a surprise for her,” said Englewood resident Danny Duncan. His mom, Sue, thought she was getting a motorcycle or a car.

Instead, she got a gigantic, 500 pound, 6 and a half foot tall, wooden dick mailbox.

So far, neighbors seem to be fine with the mail-collecting phallic symbol. Although some of them have put real estate magazines in her mailbox as a hint Sue should move.

Here’s the entire insane prank video, including Duncan driving a car over his mom’s existing mailbox.

Even funnier, Duncan told several news outlets that his name is “Gary Winthrop”. Now many televisions stations are calling him by the wrong name. 🙂

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