Nicole Murphy Sizzles in Ruffled Bikini in Miami Beach

Nicole Murphy can dip into all the pools she wants — as she did in Miami this weekend — but it won’t make her any less sizzling hot.

Nicole slayed in a pink ruffled bikini Sunday, seemingly continuing what we’ve dubbed her “50 Never Looked So Good” tour. It’s been rolling since the night we got her out celebrating the half-century mark.

Hair and nails done? Of course. Matching jewelry? Ditto. Shades on standby? Check. The whole ensemble does some serious wonders.

But then, again … Nicole can turn any scene into an absolute smoke show. Literally, anything. Remember her pumping gas? Or, when she actually upstaged a freaking movie premiere? We rest our case.

OK, one last question … how in the hell is Nicole still single?!

Source TMZ

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