Rapper With Skittle Teeth And Red Vine Hair Doesn’t Know What A Cello Is

Source: stereogum.com

See the man with Sour Skittle teeth and licorice hair? The kids call him Lil Yachty.

Yachty wrote a verse in a song that has been confusing all five people who listened to it since its release a month ago.

Witness “Peek a boo”:

Aimin’ at you and your fellows
My new bitch yellow
She blow that d*ck like a cello
F*ck her then send that bitch home on the metro
The 19-year-old may know something about fellatio. Wind and string instruments, not so much.

Lil Yachty admitted that him and his record label messed up on a lyric website.

Source: genius.com/11670438

His SpongeBob knowledge also needs work, but he’s hardly the first rapper guilty of creating nonsensical phrases to keep a rhyme alive.

“She blow that d*ck like a clarinet” is significantly better, rhyme or not.

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