Side Vag Is A Trending Fashion Statement Of 2016

side vag

A sinful new trend is sweeping the world.

For fans of shock value, the nude beach and Madonna, I bring you side vagina.

“Side vag” is exactly what it sounds like. A less-amateur version of side boob that would make even the horniest millennial blush.

The exposed front bum is not a brand new concept but it has been picking up speed lately thanks to Kim Kardashian’s many vagina-flaunting leotards as well as Italian models Dayane Mello and Giulia Salem, who practically showed up naked to the Venice Film Festival. The media called it a “wardrobe malfunction” but make no mistake…

Side vagina

No sober woman “accidentally” shows up to a massive public event with her vagina out. It’s a very purposeful, very calculated presentation.

Sex sells, especially in fashion, so be prepared for this to spread (pun intended) across the nation like the Macarena, skinny jeans and Justin Bieber.

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