Single Mom Claims She Stays Healthy By Drinking Semen Smoothies


Fact: sperm contains crucial vitamins and minerals such as zinc, B12, calcium and vitamin C. Ingredients that are also found in less horrifying food and drink such as orange juice, yogurt and milk.

Today I found an article about a woman from England who believes drinking sperm prevents her from getting sick. Tracy Kiss desperately wants to convince her nearly 200,000 followers that a spoonful of semen keeps the doctor away. She puts it in her morning smoothie every single day and says she never gets colds or the flu.

We’re all entitled to our opinions, right?

I’m just a little surprised that someone who isn’t actually engaging in a sex act or being tricked into believing that swallowing is the only way to have glowing skin and hair would drink sperm. I also wondered how she acquired the sperm. Like if she made her boyfriend climax into a cup before he leaves for work every day or what. Fortunately, the article answered my question.


She gets the precious jizz from an STD-free friend who hands her a “fresh tub” full of the stuff three times a week. She says it “tastes really good” depending on what he ate that day and that she stores it in the fridge next to all her totally inane and regular groceries.

“If he’s been drinking alcohol or eaten something particularly pungent like asparagus, I ask him to give me a heads up so I know not to drink it neat,” she told The Sun.

If she ever pisses him off, he could just eat a bunch of Taco Bell beef topped off with coffee and beer, not tell her and hand her that super ripe batch with a smile on his face.

Kiss—a 31-year-old mother of two—also combines the sperm with a mixture of lavender and egg whites and rubs it all over her face.

The “single mom” part of this story really trips me out. I mean…

Guys, she’s a catch.

She actually likes sperm.

It’s just too bad you can’t impress her by ordering her favorite drink at a bar.

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