Smoke This During The Next Presidential Debate!

Obama weed beard meme
Source: Hallie Madenski

What you really need to handle watching the next debate isn’t patience, understanding or hope, it’s a heaping boatload of marijuana.

The Oregonian writer Lizza Acker recently wrote an ingenious piece called “Experts suggest 9 weed strains to get you through a presidential debate” which inspired me to follow-up by calling a few dispensaries of my own to help stoners prepare for the upcoming vice presidential debate (Oct. 4) and the next presidential debate (Oct. 9). Sticking with Oregon, Washington and Colorado establishments seemed like the best idea, since those were the first three states to legalize recreational bud.

As expected, some of the store owners and budtenders were super helpful and others were too high to give a decipherable answer.

Here’s what they recommended…

1. Animal Cookies

animal cookies debate weed

Alec Meikle at American Mary, one of Seattle’s top-rated dispensaries, says there’s nothing Animal Cookies isn’t suited for.

“Stress reliever and laugh inducer too,” Meikle stated.

Pause the debate, load a bowl and resume before your ears and eyes separate from your body.

THC level: 23.3%

Grower: Honu

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