Thai Man Has 120 Wives And 28 Children


A 109-year-old woman once said the secret to longevity is avoiding relationships. If that’s true, Tambon Prasert of Nakorn Nayok is long past his expiration date.

It was recently revealed that 58-year-old Prasert has 120 wives and nearly 30 children. The marriages are legally questionable (polygamy is forbidden in Thailand) but morally acceptable, as the women all know about each other.

Prasert is a semi wealthy district chief, known to buy homes for his young brides.

“If they didn’t have their own house I would get them some land and sort everything out for them so everyone was happy,” Prasert told a local reporter.

Source: GIPHY

His wealth explains the “why” but not the “how.”

I sometimes feel overwhelmed by my three-person family and tiny friend circle while this dude is barely breaking a sweat with 148 birthdays to keep track of. He seems to keeps stress levels minimal by keeping the child-to-wife ratio low and staying away from older women (who he says are too argumentative).

Maybe the secret to life is having a ton of relationships you’re not very invested in?

Still got nothing on King Solomon.

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