Try Not To Sing Along To The Hurricane Irma Theme Song


Remember news clip remixes? We almost didn’t until “Evaculation Song,” track #1 on Hurricane Irma’s hot new album.

The result of a Miami Beach resident mispronouncing “evacuation,” the song is guaranteed to make you feel nostalgic for Sweet Brown and Antoine Dodson. This time, instead of “Ain’t nobody got time for that” and “Hide your kids, hide your wife” the viral earf*ck of a line is:

“We heard about all the evaculation going on.”

Possibilities for combination phrases are endless. “Hide your wife and evaculate” / “Ain’t nobody got time to evaculate” / “We heard about all the evaculating and ain’t nobody got time to hide their kids and wife…”

The video is over a minute long but you’d be wise to shut it down after 30 seconds.

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