Tupac And Robin Williams Arrested For Drug Possession

robin williams and tupac mugshot
Source: 12news.com

Tupac is alive, and so is Robin Williams and they’re teaming up to commit crimes. But don’t worry, it’s just pot.

Much younger versions of Williams and Tupac (ages 21 and 19)—along with their non-famous female accomplice, 22-year-old Erick Harris Jr.—were arrested in Arizona a for possessing 114 pounds of marijuana.

According to Gila County police, Albuquerque locals Robin Williams, Tupac Crum, and Harris Jr. were carrying $69,000 worth of sticky icky in a tool box in their truck.

Cool. Now that the time machine to and from 1993 is open, I’d really like to go back and make different decisions, specifically regarding flared jeans, light blue eyeshadow and lip gloss so shiny it couldn’t have been created using anything but Krispy Kreme runoff.

I’d also pay Trump a visit. Just to, you know, say congratulations.

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