Woman Repeatedly Crashes Into Chicken Truck Because She’s A Vegan

A Georgia woman’s hated of meat got her a ride to jail and a nice, new orange jumpsuit.

A report from the Madison County Sheriff’s Department reveals Judith Moriah Armstrong, 26, drove her red sedan into the side of a chicken truck.

The truck driver hit his brakes, but Armstrong hit him again.

The truck driver pulled over, but the red car took off. The truck driver called 911 with the description of the vehicle and the driver, a woman with short, red hair.

In most cases, this would not be enough for law enforcement to go on… a redhead in a red sedan. However, the investigators were able to quickly determine the identity of the driver, as her license plate was found among the debris that fell off her car during the collisions.

A records check tracked the car back to a residence. Cops located a woman inside who matched the description of the suspect, but she refused to leave her home without an arrest warrant.

The cops spoke to her through a window, where she explained she had been in an accident, but fled out of fear of what would happen to her license.

After some persistent questioning, cops determined there was no “accident”. Armstrong told officers she hit the truck because it was a chicken truck and she is a vegan.

Officers eventually secured a warrant and she surrendered to the police. She was given breathalyzer test in jail and blew a .089, which is over the legal limit.

She now faces charges of hit-and-run, aggressive driving, DUI and obstruction.


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