Woman Uses Boyfriend’s Balls To Blend Her Makeup, Says ‘It Works’

Source: twitter.com/punkzillaa

Meet Johnna Hines, an 18-year-old who enjoys hiking and spending time with her boyfriend and experimenting with beauty products and makeup techniques.

As you’ve probably guessed from the title photo, Hines and her boyfriend Damon don’t take themselves too seriously. For definitive, uncensored proof of this, click the link in the tweet below.

Since using her boyfriend’s ballsack to apply makeup, Hines has received attention from BuzzFeed, Perez Hilton and Cosmopolitan and started a hilariously bizarre “trend.”

A few of her followers are already testing it out.

While the video Hines posted of her patting cover-up on her face with Damon’s nuts was a joke, she insists it worked surprisingly well.

“It actually works really nice cause it’s warm,” Hines says in the viral clip of the consensual nut-stamping.

This technique of makeup application is 100% vegan, cruelty and gluten free, plus rainforest certified and organic.

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